I was talking to a friend the other day about relationships, and the topic of 'putting yourself out there' came up. We both laughed because it was something we had both heard countless times but it still made no sense to either of us. I have lost count of the number of times well meaning people... Continue Reading →


Many people today are in romantic relationships and cannot tell precisely how or when that relationship started. Some relationships have come to be because the two people involved feel they have great conversation and are able to spend hours talking or texting non-stop. Other relationships have started because two people find themselves within close proximity... Continue Reading →


Dear Lady, do you know you are a queen and you deserve a man that would treat you like one? As a queen; You deserve a man who would treat you like royalty and would move mountains to make you happy. You deserve a man who would treat you special and make you feel like... Continue Reading →


I am just going to put this out there – I am a ‘list’ addict. I am that person who makes a list for almost everything.  I enjoy making a list because they can serve as a To-do list and I get to strike out the completed actions – it gives me an honest sense of... Continue Reading →


"Where are all the good men?", "All the good men are taken", "there is no good man in this town/city". Do any of the above questions or statements sound familiar? It is likely that you or someone you know has asked this question or made these statements. I am referring to the kind of good... Continue Reading →


Every relationship ought to be enhancing, fulfilling and enjoyable. No one is an island and although we are all wonderfully and fearfully made and are perfect in the eyes of our Maker, we know the reward in any functional relationship or partnership is greater. Ecclesiastes 4:9  tells us ‘two are better than one, because they... Continue Reading →

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