Dear Lady, do you know you are a queen and you deserve a man that would treat you like one?

As a queen;

  • You deserve a man who would treat you like royalty and would move mountains to make you happy.
  • You deserve a man who would treat you special and make you feel like you are the best thing to ever happen to him.
  • You deserve a man that would defend and protect you.
  • You deserve a man that would love and cherish you.
  • You desrve a man who encourages and celebrates you.
  • You deserve a man that pays attention to you and is willing to pamper you.
  • You deserve a man who respects you.

Queen, I could go on but the list is endless, and I am sure you can think of a lot more ‘queen-ly’ ways your man should treat you. Every woman needs to understand she is a queen and not let anyone treat her any less.

Interestingly, many women grasp this truth – that they are queens – but I find the expression of this truth tends to be somewhat manipulated. Yes, your man ought to treat you like a queen but darling don’t forget that a queen is a wife to a KING!

If you expect ‘royal treatment’ from your man isn’t it only right that it is reciprocated to him – his royal highness. Healthy relationships are about give and take (Forget what Hollywood tells you!). The Bible even makes things more interesting when it says ‘…it is more blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35). 

A queen is wife to a king.

So queen, your king deserves to be treated like royalty just like you expect him to treat you.  I agree men are neither as emotional nor as sentimental as we ladies are, but trust me when I say this – any man would want to be treated in the ways mentioned above because royal treatment is royal treatment.

Consider this, there various monarchies in the world today across the different continents, nations and cultures, yet depsite the diversity you are able to easily identify a monarch when you see one – they are treated like royalty. So queen, just as you deserve royal treatment your king deserves it too. Can you imagine what the atmosphere in your kingdom will be like if the king and queen are being treated with such royalty.

Royal treatment is royal treatment.

In conclusion, remember you are a queen and you deserve to be treated like one. But beyond the receiving of ‘queen-ly’ treatments you also have to behave like a queen and GIVE queen-ly treatment. Treat your king like a king.

Stay blessed…x

Jojo Lolami

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