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Thank you for stopping by the THE GOD KIND blog. I thought I should introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how TGK was birth, so here goes:

I am a young christian woman trying to live for Christ daily. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I have a heart for relationships – functional relationships where all parties enjoy the ‘full’ benefits of the relationships. It goes without saying that I have had my fair share of dysfunctional relationships, you know the kind, where boy meets girl, they think it will be great to get together and see where things go – Yes, those kinds without aim or purpose.

I have been that girl that made excuses for a guy that clearly treated me like dirt and that girl that overstayed her welcome in the relationship when the handwriting on the wall was very clear. I have been that girl that clung on to a relationship just because we had been together for a few years and I wasn’t sure where I would start from if we broke up’ (Like seriously?! At 22 years old…I was a mess).

But in December 2010, after breaking off a 4 year relationship, I decided I was done, and I was not getting involved with anyone else but the person I was going to marry – afterall dating is not a championship sport.

So I stopped dating (was single for 6 years and 4 months) and with God, I started healing – this took a whileeeee- but I got there eventually. And as God healed me I started to see how dysfunctional my past relationships were. How did I get myself into such situations or allow myself to be treated in certain ways. I obviously didn’t think too highly of myself or think that I deserved to be treated right.

So The God Kind (TGK) is really just a platform to encourage and inspire people (especially ladies) to functional and healthy relationships. These relationships really do exist and they are beautiful. They enhance you, give you fulfilment and are extremely enjoyable. This is the kind of relationship God intends and has reserved for you and TGK is here to help you aspire to that kind of relationship.

I would be sharing with you everything I learnt while healing from past dysfunctional relationships.

My new relationship mantra is ‘Relationships are to be ENJOYED not ENDURED’. God has not called us to manage crappy relationships. Honestly, I am a witness to that.

Thank you again for stopping by.

Stay blessed….x

Jojo Lolami

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